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Danae. Klimt e l’amore, oro della sua vita.

Danae. Klimt and love, the gold of his life.

Son of a goldsmith, second of 7 children, he was a painter together with the other 2 male brothers.

"All art is erotic," he said. Rightfully because he loved countless women and recognized at least 14 children. Emilie Floge, despite her adventures, remained his companion forever.

On the sudden death of his brother Ernst he remained inactive for 6 years and it was Emilie who brought him back to painting. It was his Muse.

A visit to Ravenna filled him with the beauty of gold that he poured into many of his works. Decoration, Art Noveau lines are integrated with its harmonious and unique style. It was the symbol and guide of the "Viennese Secession".

In 1909 he called all his art into question. End of the Belle Epoque, end of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and even more so admiring the works of Van Gogh, Matisse and the Impressionists, he abandoned gold and sophisticated decorations for a spontaneous and colorful palette.


In his art the woman is the undisputed protagonist. Woman is life, beauty and custodian of the secret of existence. Impossible not to love it and for Klimt to “celebrate” it in art.


The image depicts the Pitteikon print dedicated to the work of Klimt "Danae".

Taken from a mythological subject, Klimt does not create a rhetorical work, but completely transforms it by painting it according to his style and sensitivity.

The episode tells that Jupiter, madly in love with the daughter of King Argos, he turned into a shower of gold to be able to possess her in his sleep.

The artist produces a lesson in eroticism: the woman is in a crouched position, the ecstasy is barely hinted at by the slightly contracted gesture of the hand and the drawing of the mouth, the transparency of the veils introduces a sensual note into the painting.

The unusual position and the union with the golden shower indicate a theme dear to Klimt: the triumph of instinct that only women are capable of, bringing it exclusively closer to the natural world.

This same masterpiece is also created by Pitteikon in the Miniartprint collection format (11.5 by 17.5 cm), again in the precious and beautiful handmade Amalfi paper. Colors not to be missed.


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