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Vincent Van Gogh Iris in vaso in Miniartprint

Vincent Van Gogh Iris in vase in Miniartprint

Fortunately, Vincent Van Gogh, maintained a close correspondence with his brother Theo.

Over 600 letters help us understand the context of his works and his thinking.

We are used to thinking of Van Gogh as an instinctive painter, all passion, but we read a passage from one of his letters concerning this painting.

… I am working with a calm and serious enthusiasm. The bouquet stands out against a strikingly bright cedar yellow background, with other tones of yellow in the vase and its stand, it is an effect of terribly disparate complementaries who are exalted by their opposition. "

Perfect description.

But Van Gogh wrote this description before painting the picture.

It shows how clear his mental and design image was and how good he was, then, at realizing it.

Find the wonderful Pitteikon reproduction of this painting included in the series dedicated to him.


Browse the complete series >>

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