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Vincent Van Gogh - Ramo di mandorlo in fiore

Vincent Van Gogh - Almond branch in bloom

Ramo di mandorlo in fiore - Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh - Almond branch in bloom

This image is included in the Pitteikon gift box, dedicated to Van Gogh's flowers.

Vincent painted this large picture measuring 72 x 93 cm in 1890 to Saint Remy, to give a gift to his beloved brother Theo and his wife Johanna Bonger.

In fact, he was born to Theo and Johanna a son they named Vincent Willem.

The inspiration came from some Japanese prints that were very popular at that time.

Van Gogh chose the subject as a symbol of life.

A branch with pearly white flowers that stand out against a turquoise sky.

The work is not completely finished because Van Gogh he was upset by one of his fits.

The outlines of the branch in the center are not finished and some thin twigs on the left, center and top right are also only sketched.

This did not prevent the great painter from giving a masterpiece to his brother and family. And to all of us, today, to be able to admire it.


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