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La polvere di Evaristo

Evaristo powder

Evaristo powder

Evaristo Baschenis he was a painter in the 1600s. Born in Bergamo in 1617, he died in Bergamo in 1677.

Evaristo Baschenis

I have lived for many years in Bergamo and one of the ridiculing jokes of the people of Bergamo is: "... but do you come from Val Brembana? ...".

Baschenis came from Val Brembana, but his paintings mislead this joke (at least for him).

It is true that the entire Baschenis dynasty has been made up of painters since 1400, but it is no coincidence that the most famous is Evaristo.

He does not follow in the footsteps of his relatives and does not dedicate himself to frescoing churches, but he even invents a pictorial genre: still life (name I hate) with a musical theme.

In summary, he paints, in addition to various furnishings, musical instruments. Our Baschenis is also a musician, so take advantage of his passion.

Around the age of 23, or shortly thereafter, he takes his vows and becomes a "reverend".

This condition of "ecclesiastical" allows him to have all the time he wants to paint and to travel as he pleases.

Today we would say that his technique is "hyperrealistic": he is able to paint the details in an amazing way. By comparison, however, today's hyperrealists look like amateurs.

In 1600, in fact, there was no photography, there was no Photoshop, no tablet and not even enlargers and plotter printers.

Only his hand, the colors (not even in the tube) and the canvas. At most an optical camera to help you in perspective, which is still perfect.

An example for everyone? The dust.

In the overturned mandolas or violins Evaristo paints a veil of dust.

You feel like taking it off with your finger ...

Faced with such skillful technique we can really talk about Art. And all the artists who label themselves as such by slicing sheep, proposing embroidery, bunny balloons or sticking bananas can truly thank "the conceptual chatter" that miraculously made them in the 2000s.

Evaristo powder is a fact.

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