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San Francesco nell'Arte, una vita esemplare

San Francesco nell'Arte, an exemplary life


San Francesco parla con gli uccelli

St. Francis in Art

November 1 is a Christian feast day dedicated to "All Saints".

The saints, in a nutshell, are religious people who for their righteousness, virtue, goodness and exemplary action have themselves become objects of veneration.

One of the most popular saints is St. Francis of Assisi who is also the "Patron Saint of Italy".

San Francesco is also nice to those who are not religious, because he loved animals very much. He spoke to wolves and birds and respected them in a period that, much more than today, considered them less than objects.

Model ecologist wrote the "Canticle of creatures" thanked the Lord for the water, which he considered our "sister", the earth, the sun, the air and the sky, all things for which we are committed to destroy in every possible way and as fast as possible.

Sending the host organism to death can also rightly give the human race the label of "virus". 

Son of the rich, he gave up money and power and preached poverty as a poor man.

Preaching poverty as the rich is a sport in vogue even today.

He invented the living nativity scene which originated the Italian culture of the crib so dear to many and not just children.

Throughout his life, he also practiced a rare and now extinct good in many parts of the world: consistency.

In short: a nice person.

Born in 1182, he died in 1226. His whole life, a bit like that of Jesus, was organized in episodes and inspired artists of the caliber of Giotto, Caravaggio, Tiepolo, Titian, etc. .. and hundreds of less famous artists, miniaturists. and copyists.

Giotto prevails over all with "The stories of St. Francis", stupendous frescoes in the upper basilica of Assisi where, picture by picture, the painter tells us the significant events in the life of the saint.

At Pitteikon, we offer our art prints with the series of Giotto's paintings.

On this particular occasion, the prints have a special price until December 30, so you can consider the Pitteikon art prints as a nice gift for relatives and friends.







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