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Van Gogh il giapponese

Van Gogh the Japanese

Les Alycamps

In this Pitteikon print Van Gogh's work "Les Alyscamps", an avenue in the town of Arles, is reproduced.

Let's talk about the work.

In this painting, the influence of Japanese prints is felt stronger.

The colors are strictly "flat" and everything is reported in only two dimensions.

The trees become an ornamental element because they are cut at the bottom and at the top, avoiding the foliage, to mark the compositional space.

The road is taken from an unusual point of view with a diagonal escape.

The partially visible hill on the right and the two rows of benches give rhythm to the painting and accompany the vision of the image.

The figures for a walk they are little more than decorative sketches.

Even the man has the lower part of the body only hinted at by drawing.

This original setting of the painting with the opposition of vertical and diagonal lines is accompanied by an equally energetic chromatic choice, which is well highlighted by the Pitteikon print.

Van Gogh supports a series of strong and contrasting masses of color balancing the hot and cold areas. The dominant red of the avenue and the glimpse of the hill is flanked by the blues and greens of the trees and benches.

Vigorous and immediate, all of Van Gogh's energy and communicative desire shines through in this painting. 

Buy the Pitteikon print of this wonderful painting.

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