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Chagall, una pittura da sogno

Chagall, a dream painting

The life of Marc Chagall it was indeed full of adventures and misadventures. He himself liked to declare that he was "born dead" because on the day of his birth (July 7, 1887) his native village was destroyed by the Cossacks.


In fact, Moishe Segal was Jewish and, for a change, the object of persecution and discrimination even in Russia where his name was Mark Zacharovič Šagal.


Despite the poverty and social situation, Marc always remembered his childhood with happiness. I remember that for the Jewish religion painting is expressly forbidden by the Torah, but "convict" was a schoolmate of his who one day showed him a drawing: it was love at first sight.


Chagall had no doubts: he would become a painter. Overcoming the obvious family opposition, Marc was able to study at the Russian Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg. He was awarded a scholarship which, together with his work as a "sign painter", allowed him to live until, knowing painters and cultural movements of the time, he entered the circle and became quite well known and appreciated.


Thus, the young Chagall moved to Paris and wrote: “As a plant needs water, so my art needs Paris”. In the right place at the right time became Picasso's friend / foe and of all the intellectuals who counted in that period.


His painting, however, did not follow any of the fashions and movements in vogue: impressionism, cubism, divisionism, etc., but was formed in an absolutely personal and unique way. Chagall put the dream on canvas, his fantastic visions of fantastic worlds, where lovers fly over the cities and the circus characters dart happily together with the animals in every corner of the picture.


With his painting Chagall forces us to dream and to be happy with him, he takes us to a world where there are no horrors and adversities, but where flying is simply natural… like a touch of a brush.


Andrea Giuseppe Fadini

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