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Hopper, un americano a New York

Hopper, an American in New York

Edward Hopper was born in New York in 1882 to wealthy parents who owned a fabric shop.

His parents, having discovered his talent for drawing, encouraged him and enrolled him in a correspondence drawing school.


At 18 he attended the New York School of Art and thus came into contact with the artistic world which, from Paris, is moving to New York.

Ignored by critics for more than 20 years, Edward Hopper works as an illustrator, where he gains mastery in the sign and in the synthetic rendering of the subjects.


The turning point in Hopper's art and life it happens when he meets his wife Josephine Nivison, also a painter, who becomes his true creative partner.

She was as open, outgoing and liberal as he was shy, lonely and conservative.


He manages his career leading him to success. His paintings, but it would be more correct to say "their paintings", are the result of a methodical planning, of many sketches and preparatory drawings, and of choices that we could say "scenic".


It is no coincidence that cinema and photography have often been inspired by his works, which are simple in technique and profound in communicating the American reality of that time.

Andrea Giuseppe Fadini




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