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Il patrimonio di Padova e i primi al mondo

The heritage of Padua is the first in the world

It is recent news that Unesco has included Padua and the painting of the 1300s as its heritage. With this, Italy totals 57 Unesco sites and is the first in the world.

The recognition is not limited to Giotto's frescoes in the amazing Scrovegni Chapel, but also includes the paintings of the stupendous Palazzo della Ragione, with its roof in the shape of an overturned ship's hull.

 Padova Palazzo della Ragione

Considering the size of our country and how it is managed today, especially in the field of art, we really have to thank our ancestors for this world record.

Are you convinced of the enormous intellectual difference?

An example for all.


In 1500 Michelangelo created the "David" and the government of Florence had to decide where to place the statue. Establishes then a "commission" and I want to list some of the names of the experts called to give their opinion: Simone del Pollaiolo, Davide Ghirlandaio, Sandro Botticelli, Filippino Lippi, Giuliano and Antonio da San Gallo, Leonardo da Vinci, Andrea Sansovino and Pietro Perugino.


At the time, competence was important.

Compared to any commission, think of the parliamentary one for culture, the comparison is merciless. (if you want to cry it's natural)

As for the Unesco heritage, we still live on income.


In many other respects, the “cultural desertification” imagined by Pier Paolo Pasolini has already been a reality for some time.

Andrea Giuseppe Fadini
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