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Il ritorno di Gustav Klimt. La mostra “mostro”.

The return of Gustav Klimt. The exhibition "monster".

In Rome from 27 October and until March 27, 2022, Palazzo Braschi hosts an exhibition entitled "Klimt, the Secession and Italy".

By "Secession" we mean the "Viennese Secession" or the association of 19 artists who, led by Klimt, in 1897 broke away from the official "House of artists" association.


The exhibition boasts over 200 works. Klimt's are only 16, plus 37 drawings, including the "Portrait of a Lady" for news reasons, which evaporated one night from the Ricci Oddi modern art gallery in Piacenza in 1997 and reappeared in the same gallery in 2019.


This "monster" exhibition divided into 14 sections, which each could justify an exhibition in itself, it has a “practical” contradiction.


How much time do you have to dedicate to understanding and looking at a painting?

It takes me no less than 10 minutes. We consider that I am slow and of poor mental alertness. Shall we do 3 minutes per square?


With 3 minutes per picture, if you run between one picture and another and never stop, it would take you 10 hours.

According to the timetable of the exhibition, enter at 10 and leave at 20 without having lunch and without stopping, do everything else after 20.


The result will be equal to that of indigestion. Understanding little or nothing and confusing the mind.

Of course, you can visit the exhibition 14 times and then everything works better.

In any case, the ticket is worth to be able to see “Giuditta I”, the wonderful “Lady in white”, “The bride”, “Friends I (the sisters)”.


Masterpieces I want to talk to you about in future "posts". One per post.


Andrea Giuseppe Fadini

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