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Rembrandt stampatore rivoluzionario?

Rembrandt revolutionary printer?

On July 15, 1606 in Leiden, Holland, Rembrandt van Rijn was born, one of the most famous painters in the entire history of art.

In addition to his activity as a painter in the traditional sense of the term, that is, painting canvases with colors and oil, Rembrandt became famous throughout Europe as a "printer".

Printer of what?

Of art images.

The techniques, in 1600 in Holland, can easily be traced back to what we call today "Etching" or "dry point", that is, engravings on a plate with a very thin point which, with various procedures, can produce several copies.

The interesting aspect of his passion for printing is that Rembrandt wanted art to be as widespread as possible and not just an exclusive pleasure of the rich, who could spend large sums for an artist's painting.

It is an idea of art that, even today, could be defined as revolutionary as it is simple: Art for all.

Andrea Giuseppe Fadini

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