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How Pitteikon art prints are made

The art prints and reproductions of the masterpieces of Pitteikon art are a unique creation.

Here because.

This video explains why Pitteikon prints are different from all others and how you can truly surround yourself with beauty.



How is a Pitteikon art print made?


It starts with a passion for art images

It is a primary element, which determines the choices and actions that lead to the creation of the prints.

Absolute "fidelity" to the original is actually a chimaera. The original has a unique material composition, as unique is the exhibition context and the lighting.

I preferred to work on the emotion of beauty.


As if just painted

As a painter and art lover, I know the effect of being in front of a freshly made painting. The colours are fresh, expressive, lively. The painting is as the artist wanted it. Time irreversibly changes this magic.

My idea is to make that moment, get closer to that result which, of course, is all hypothetical, but it is a choice, the search for an engaging effect.

This research takes place through the most sophisticated software and, at the end of the work, a “file” with the desired characteristics is obtained.


The paper that communicates: handmade paper from Amalfi

Today on an industrial level there are papers prepared and treated for every type of printing. Often interdependent on the printer, they affect the final result, leading it towards substantial uniformity.

I wanted to take another path. It took years to solve the problem of using a paper not "suitable" for the industry, but the result has rewarded me.

You must know that the handmade Amalfi paper one sheet at a time is still produced today. The process and the "recipe" is still the same as it was centuries ago.

And this is already communication.

The sheet speaks and tells of its poetry to the touch, its perfume, the care it took for each single sheet, its uniqueness expressed by the frayed edges.

And on this card the colours… sing. No comparison is possible with an industrial product.


The print

A paper of this type has no clean cut edges, and has its own absorbency characteristics. These were problems. Fortunately, printers have thousands of possible specifications and you can, with a little imagination, intervene on the structure of the printer.

I thank the technicians of the main manufacturers (whom I persecuted a bit), who have provided me with the elements to understand which path to take.

The Pitteikon print, as I dreamed of it, has become reality.


Final treatments

Enhance and preserve. Once the sheet is printed, the result must be protected from light and external aggressions.

Some paints prevent colors from altering or changing intensity or tone. Other paints, on the other hand, are able to enhance the chromatic range of colours, making them fresh and lively… as if just painted.

It was what I was looking for.


Unique prints and therefore numbered and authenticated

You can consider the Pitteikon prints as a handmade creation, as they are made one at a time.

When the result is right, then I stamp them, sign them personally and number them. No two prints are alike.


The Pitteikon prints are the result of all this work, which would have been useless without the main ingredient: the passion for beauty.

I hope that all this can reach you too, so that you can "surround yourself with beauty".

Andrea Giuseppe Fadini