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The box and the gift folder

Cofanetto stampe regalo


A nice new Pitteikon

Choose the prints you like, create your box and get a special discount!

Choosing sometimes embarrasses us.

The masterpieces of art are so beautiful that you may be undecided between 2 or 3 subjects.

Why choose if you can have them all?

With the Pitteikon box you can buy more prints at a discount.

There are combinations of 3, 6, 9 and 12 prints.


The box is made of handmade Amalfi paper and equipped with sealing wax seals with closing ribbons. 

A warranty card completes the package.

The box is also a great gift idea! An alternative to the usual things.

And you will make a great impression!

With the box and folders you can reach a discount of almost 50%.

Basically, in the 12-print solution, you can get one print as a gift for each one you pay for.

Remember that there are two sizes: Miniartprint of 11.7 by 17.5 cm and the "smart" format of 21 by 30 cm.

The box is always a gift!

Do it now, do it now!