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The Brera Art Gallery

The Brera Art Gallery

The complex of over 24,000 square meters in which the Brera Art Gallery is located was founded in 1776 by the will of Maria Theresa of Austria to remove the teaching of Fine Arts from private individuals and "subject it to public surveillance and public judgment".

The building was designed by Giuseppe Piermarini who also became the Academy's first architecture teacher.

The layout given to the Pinacoteca is similar to that of the Louvre: it was conceived as a representative place of all Italian art.

For this reason, in the Pinacoteca we find collected works by Mantegna, Bramante, Raffaello, Caravaggio up to Hayez and cyclically modern works.

Thanks to the collaboration with “La bottega di Brera”, which is the bookshop of the Pinacoteca, we have identified and produced 5 main subjects that you can find for sale in Brera or here on the site.

Considering that I studied for 9 years in Brera, first as a high school student and then at the Academy, it is truly an emotion and a point of pride to be able to offer you these Pitteikon prints of mine.

Andrea Giuseppe Fadini