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The best frames for Pitteikon Prints

The peculiarity of the Pitteikon prints is that they are made on handmade Amalfi paper. This type of paper is still made strictly by hand with a recipe that has been handed down since the fifteenth century.

The edge of the sheet of paper is not cut, but remains frayed and natural.

A frame must take this precious feature into account and propose a solution that enhances it together with the poetry of colors and the Pitteikon printing process.

There are two ways to obtain an excellent result.

Embossed framed print.

 Cornice Pitteikon


As you can see in this sample, one of the most striking ways to frame a Pitteikon print is a cassette frame that allows you to space the print out from the bottom.

The three-dimensional effect on the one side enhances the print that does not remain flattened on the bottom and on the other highlights the edge of the hand-made paper.

cornice Pitteikon


Double glass frame

The second of the systems suitable for our type of prints is that of "double glass".

Execution is simple. There are also ready-made frames in this system.

The print is protected "sandwich" between two glasses finished with the frame of your choice.

Cornici Pitteikon


Also in this case the effect is surprising and the handmade Amalfi paper print stands out to the maximum.

In this way there is no background colour other than that of the wall where you will hang this wonderful picture.

If you need advice or information on how to best frame your Pitteikon print, do not hesitate: call +39 02 8295 2894 or write us an email at