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Free shipping over € 70 - Delivery in 7 days - Numbered and stamped prints

Caspar David Friedrich print - Gypsum cliffs on Rugen - 1818-1819

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  • Handcrafted reproduction of handmade Amalfi paper art masterpieces
  • Collector's print numbered, stamped and signed by the author A.G. Fadini
  • Created and produced in Italy
  • Beautiful and vivid colors protected by Academy paints and treatments
  • Shipping protected in a rigid flat sheet envelope and not rolled up.

  • Caspar David Friedrich - Gypsum cliffs on Rugen or The white cliffs of Rügen

    Year: 1818-1819 - oil on canvas 71x90.5 cm

    Preserved at: Oskar Reinhart Am Römerholz Collection, Winterthur, Switzerland.

    Gypsum Cliffs on Rugen or The White Cliffs of Rügen is the painting by Caspar David Friedrich in which the artist portrays three people as they scan the sea and the white chalk cliffs: on the right he represents himself (the man with the hat), on the left a young woman dressed in red (perhaps it is Friedrich's wife) who points to something at the foot of the cliff and in the center another man (perhaps her brother) who, after placing his cane and cooing it on the ground, approaches on all fours at the edge of the chasm to observe what the woman indicated.

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