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  • Handcrafted reproduction of handmade Amalfi paper art masterpieces
  • Collector's print numbered, stamped and signed by the author A.G. Fadini
  • Created and produced in Italy
  • Beautiful and vivid colors protected by Academy paints and treatments
  • Shipping protected in a rigid flat sheet envelope and not rolled up.

  • [additionale-text]

    Claude Monet - The Magpie

    Year: 1868 oil on canvas cm 130x89

    Preserved at: Musée d'Orsay, Paris, France.

    The magpie was painted by Claude Monet "en plein air", in the open air, and reproduces a corner of the countryside of the Norman town of Étretat immersed in the silence of a winter morning.

    A small black magpie perches on a wooden fence, almost as if it were a note on a musical staff.

    The magpie was sent for the Salon of 1869 but was rejected by the jurors, who did not appreciate neither the subject nor the so clear and bright tones. The critic Félix Fénéon wrote: "The public who had made the mouth of the bituminous pastels prepared by the head chefs of the schools and academies, was disgusted by this type of light painting."


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