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Capolavori di Bottega

Masterpieces of Bottega

The Madonna Litta is a small tempera painting on wood attributed to Leonardo's workshop. The major painters all had "workshops". The teacher studied the composition, gave the technical directives and the pupils carried out the work.
For the Madonna Litta Leonardo wanted to renew the Marian iconographic theme of the "Madonna of humility" by revolutionizing it in its own way.
In fact, two sketches of the painting undoubtedly autographed by Leonardo are kept in the Louvre.
Marco d’Oggiono and Giovanni Boltraffio were the two pupils of Leonardo to whom critics attribute the execution of the Madonna Litta.
Several "copies" are by sure hand of the two students to satisfy the clients that the success of the original brought to the "Bottega Da Vinci"
However, the different mastery of the "nuance" of the Madonna Litta is noteworthy compared to other similar works. The shades of the Madonna Litta they are so delicate and incredible that it is easy to understand why Leonardo Da Vinci is considered the greatest painter of all time.

Print dedicated to the Madonna Litta

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