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Welcome to Pitteikon, the online gallery of quality fine art prints. You can buy Amalfi handmade paper prints and special papers online. Give yourself a gift and surround yourself with masterpieces of art and authentically Italian original prints! Directly to your home.


Short story

Not even of age I became passionate about printing, graphics, typography, lithography and reproduction systems, and images and their meaning. If it is true that a picture is worth more than 1000 words, I wanted to know all those words.

Since I wanted to be an artist, I attended artistic studies: first the artistic high school of Brera and then the Brera Academy. In addition to painting, I studied all the techniques of artistic reproduction from engraving to screen printing to lithography and much more.

I found myself a professional in the advertising sector, an activity that gave me joys and sorrows, but certainly a lot of experience.

Then comes the Internet. And the world changes. Absorbed this revolution, still in progress, the web provides me with a great possibility that was previously difficult to do: reproduce and offer "my" images to everyone. Mind you, not all the images I made, but I choose them, I rework them and mold them in the best possible way: what excites me.

For all those who love the wonderful images offered by art and the world itself and feel the same emotion, here is the opportunity to surround themselves with uncommon, selected and authentically Italian prints, suitable for improving their lives with their ... words.

Also on this site there is a sector dedicated to my paintings, to my works. You can find it in the menu of the Home page and, with great originality and imagination, I called: "my works"

For those who love to surround themselves with beautiful, exclusive and very special things, I guarantee my true passion for this job.

Andrea Giuseppe Fadini

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