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Il Louvre si compra un Tiepolo

The Louvre buys a Tiepolo


Thanks to the activity of the "Friends of the Louvre", the famous French museum takes home another Italian masterpiece.

This is the large painting (3.50 by 2.10 m) by Gianbattista Tiepolo depicting the goddess Juno.

The "Friends of the Louvre" put their hand in their wallet and paid out € 1.5 million, buying the work from a "private collector" whose name is not known at the moment.

Juno is among the three most important mythological deities together with Jupiter and Minerva. Protectress of marriage, femininity and childbirth, but also of animals, the peacock that, in fact, Tiepolo placed in her arms was sacred to her.

An elegant and unusual formal construction depicts the Goddess in the clouds above, dressed in rich drapes and with a white shirt.

Collect this evocative image yourself thanks to a special edition of Pitteikon prints on handmade Amalfi paper in the size 30x42 approx.

You don't need millions of euros ... 49 is enough.

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