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Impressioni d'arte

Impressions of art

If I had to choose a single work to represent impressionism, I would have no doubts: Claude Monet, Impression soleil levant.

Impressionism was rewarded, after an initial mistrust, by boundless success. Even today, Impressionist painters and their works are among the most appreciated, appreciated and commented on.

The photograph had, in one fell swoop, exempted painters from descriptive and narrative duty. A painter is no longer needed to film and tell reality. A photo accurately documents the surrounding reality.

Free from duties, the painters decided to undertake a journey no longer "external", that is, I paint what I see outside of me, but inside; I paint what I see "inside of me".

Monet, Manet, Renoir, Degas and the others, we must say, they still followed the idea that painting was a "portrait of reality" and went into the open air, leaving their studies, to be face to face with nature and people where the scene took place. Their aim was to "render" immediately what they saw "out there".

Impression, however, equates to sensation, therefore, here is the first step for a “subjective” painting (each one has its own “impressions” and they are different from the others) that even in the pictorial forms the presumed academic objectivity evaporates.

Reading many analyzes of the work, I find the detailed description of the contents of the painting. A lot of details that, frankly, are often missing. Where Monet summed it up with a twist, the commentator overloaded with illustration.

A famous phrase by the philosopher Wittgenstein comes to mind: "on what you don't can talk, Yes must be silent "

And with greater silence we will be able to enjoy this wonderful picture.

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