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E Giovanni si diede alla “macchia”

And Giovanni went into the "spot"

Livorno, 6 September 1825, was born Giovanni Factors.

His brother Rinaldo is 15 years older than him and a well established business; the relationship with Giovanni is almost father-son. Giovanni, however, has difficulty in integrating with the environments he frequents, which still consider him a commoner.


This increases Fattori's rebellious and intolerant character, which is reflected not only in his behavior, but also in his artistic choices.


In Florence the friends of Caffè Michelangelo well remember the ferocity of his jokes and the turbulence of his love life, which will quiet down only in old age, surrounded by his students.


Giovanni Fattori rejects academic teachings and is oriented towards a painting, which aligns itself with the new scientific discoveries on vision. There is no drawing and outline, but the figures are outlined by contrast of colors. Not even chiaroscuro: depth is created with "spots" of color.


His statement begins with the paintings that describe the military life and the battles of the Risorgimento and his influence was even greater and more important, inspiring painters such as Pellizza Da Volpedo to Modigliani.


He wrote: "The stain is the solidity of bodies in front of the light" … And so it was that John gave himself to the "spot".

Andrea Giuseppe Fadini

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