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Choose your Art

Let's paraphrase Confucius.

Today, great is the confusion under the sky of art.

Abstraction, first, and the so-called "Conceptual Art", then, changed the relationship between the artist and the public.

If up to the Impressionists, with the exception of many of their contemporaries, appreciation and understanding was immediate, then things get complicated.

The famous comments "I can do this too" and "He does this because he can't paint" were born, which express a detachment between "popular" taste and figurative painting images.



Provocations, writers and musicians

Certainly the media economic “circus”, which favors provocations and economic speculation, do not help to indicate acceptable criteria.

Other arts, such as writing and music, although they too are disturbed by the contemporary situation, have two basic criteria that remained excellent indicators.

The first is the technical capacity. However creative, a writer must be able to write and know the rules that give rise to a good text, just as in music who plays an instrument ... must know how to play it.

The second criterion is public satisfaction through the dissemination and purchase of "copies" of the work. Elite and critics can say what they want, but in the face of millions of copies or records sold there is little left to argue.

In both cases, the artist writes or composes an original that is duplicated as much as possible: copies of the book or e-book, copies of the music on DVD or MP3.

The more I spread, the more I like it

Why shouldn't this modality also apply to figurative artists?

The painter makes an original and then releases copies of his image. Today technology allows it with excellent results.

And it's not even a new idea: for centuries the Japanese have done just that.

The ukiyo-e press has made it possible to spread masterpieces such as Hokusai's “The Great Wave” around the world.

The most famous painters were also those that the public liked the most and bought their prints.


The advantages of today

Today, therefore, we can enjoy two great advantages:

  • You don't need to be a billionaire to surround yourself with beautiful images
  • You can choose the art you prefer.

Because of this Pitteikon does its part offering beautiful handmade Amalfi paper prints or special papers.

The great masterpieces of the history of art or images of artists who have decided to seize this opportunity.

Now it's your turn: give space to the art you prefer and surround yourself with beauty!