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Zodiac constellation print - Horoscope. Libra sign

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Date of birth: From 23 September to 22 October

Strengths: Balance, justice, peace

Quality: Courtesy, availability

Defects: Indecision, superficiality

Stones: Sapphire, coral

Planet: Venus

Element: Air

Color: Pastel colours

Metal: Copper, platinum

People born under this sign are characterized by the continuous search for balance, in personal and interpersonal relationships.

They are in fact characterized by impartiality and are used to suffer conflict situations, while they are sociable and inclined to diplomacy.

Relevant features are also the aesthetic sense and refinement.

Some famous Libra people


Giuseppe Verdi

Mahatma Gandhi

Oscar Wilde

Sandro Pertini

Dino Buzzati

Roger Moore

Enzo Bearzot

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Single method

With handmade paper from Amalfi

Because Pitteikon prints are unique.

Because Pitteikon prints are unique.

The colors are fresh, expressive and lively. My idea is to get closer to that result and seek an engaging effect.

The intent is to convey the emotion of a freshly painted painting.

Amalfi handmade paper is still made today one sheet at a time, following a centuries-old "recipe".

The result is a unique sheet of paper, with frayed edges, particular to the touch.

On this handmade paper the colors... sing!

The emotion of a painting in a print

The emotion of a painting in a print

No comparison is possible with an industrial product.

Printing on such high-quality paper was a challenge that required a few years of work in experiments and tests.

The marriage between past and future has finally been successfully celebrated: a joy for the eyes.

We must then protect the final result.

Some paints prevent the colors from changing. Other paints, however, are able to enhance the chromatic range of colours, making them fresh and lively... as if they had just been painted.

Your print is finally stamped, numbered and signed, and if you want also personalized.

A unique method for exclusive prints.

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