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Van Gogh, i girasoli. Cofanetto regalo Miniartprint

Van Gogh, the sunflowers. Miniartprint gift box

I girasoli di Van Gogh

Van Gogh, the sunflowers. Miniartprint gift box

The Pitteikon prints series in box and gift folder include this masterpiece by Vincent Van Gogh.

Vincent painted this picture of sunflowers (he painted 4 more) in 1888, anxiously awaiting the arrival of Paul Gauguin.

With him she wanted to start a new association of painters.

He began by portraying two of them and ended up creating one of the best known paintings in the world.

He wrote to his brother Theo: ""I would like to make a decoration for the studio. Nothing but large sunflowers ”.

In this period of vitality and optimism, summer and its happiness spread throughout the painting.

The idea was to furnish his friend's room in the best possible way with different canvases, but he painted only this one: a large canvas measuring 72 by 91 cm.

For the expressive ability of Van Gogh 3 colors declined in various shades were enough.

When Gauguin saw the painting his comment could only be: "completely Vincent".


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