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Van Gogh. Tre candele sul cappello

Van Gogh. Three candles on the hat


Van Gogh - Notte stellata

This Pitteikon print is dedicated to the famous painting “Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh painted in 1889.

Paul Gauguin and Pierre Bonnard, in the same period, they developed a painting with a symbolic content, not necessarily linked to reality.

For Vincent this was unthinkable.

Van Gogh strongly affirmed that he did not make "abstractions", but sought direct contact with natural reality.

They pointed out that this way he could never paint a starry night.

Van Gogh did not give up.

He would never have agreed to paint something in the studio that was not in direct contact with him.

He took some candles, fixed them on the brim of his hat and… out to paint the night landscape.

With this somewhat bizarre system, Van Gogh created the first night view "en plein air".

As we can see, however, the result is far from realistic.

The painting is full and vibrant. Thrilling.

The composition is well squared and firm to support the sky.

The stars are round eddies that recall, perhaps, the Milky Way.

We know the mind elaborates and recreates the perceptions that the senses transmit.

And so we can see that precise night, through the brilliant mind of Vincent Van Gogh with three candles on his hat.


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